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Bill Henthorn here, asking you what I feel you already know to be a very important question:

In a world of double standards established by and for the super-rich where:

  • national leaders lie to us to get us to go to war, putting our nation into greater debt -- while they engage in wartime profiteering by skimming commissions from all those billions of dollars of wartime contracts they hand out to their friends in the corporate world
  • huge financial institutions lure us into trusting them with our money ... then gamble and lose it, putting the world on the teetering edge of destruction ... then are rescued and rewarded by their government cronies -- while we wonder if we'll ever get back our hard-earned money
  • the government conspires with big corporations to give them whatever they want -- while feeding the rest of us a steady diet of fear and false hope
  • and even rich individuals trick us by flying the flag of credibility way up high -- while taking us for a ride and cutting our throats . . .

"How can we business people succeed
when our customers and everyone else
have become so suspicious and distrusting
of everyone?"


If you find this exclusive double-standards partnership between big government and big corporations a little troubling, and if you don't have a satisfying answer to automatically build the trust between you and your customers that's backed by a tested and proven plan, I hope you spend a few more moments with me for your own sake.

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